Bellamy’s Guard uniform appreciation post


I'm trying my best to not fall apart.

you gave me a forever within the  n u m b e r e d   d a y s ,
and for that i am… i’m eternally  g r a t e f u l .



Cassandra was the mortal daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy. As a child she and her twin brother Helenus were given the gift of prophecy when two snakes came upon the babes one night and licked their ears clean. When morning came the snakes slithered into sacred laurels, a symbol of the god Apollo. As a young woman she rejected the affections of the god and he in turn cursed her: while she still had the gift of prophecy no one would believe her and she would be spurned and thought of as mad. She foresaw the fall of Troy but no one heeded her advice. She sought refuge in the Temple of Athena as her home was sacked, but Ajax the Lesser found her and raped her, all the while Cassandra pleaded with the goddess to help her. Given to Agamemnon as a spoil of war, she was later beheaded by his wife Clytemnestra, angry with her husband’s betrayal.

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